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The Drawbacks of Transferring Colleges

Transferring from one college or university to another can allow students the opportunity to find a school that is a better fit for their needs. However, changing colleges is not always easy. There are a number of drawbacks, both social and academic, to starting college at one school and transferring to finish a degree at another....(more)

Avoiding Fraudulent Unaccredited Colleges

Every day, state and federal agencies foil unaccredited colleges who try to take advantage of innocent people. These unaccredited colleges, also called diploma mills, offer useless degrees to unsuspecting students in exchange for little or no work. Many unaccredited colleges lie in wait for unwitting people to pay for a sham degree. If you want to go back to school to complete your education, refer to these tips before writing a tuition check....(more)

Words of Advice Before Transferring Colleges

If you are not happy with your current college, transferring to another school is typically the first thing you think of. Of course, you should put some thought into this decision. If you end up switching colleges more than once or twice, you run the risk of severely delaying your degree. Plus, you may run out of options if you try out several schools within a few years. If you want to avoid these pitfalls, you should pay attention to some advice on the matter....(more)

Common Reasons for Transferring Universities

Even if you get accepted by your first choice when you apply to college, sometimes the school does not work out and you need to transfer to another school. This is a very common situation and does not reflect poorly on you. College is about finding the school that is right for your needs, and sometimes that is a process. There are several common reasons to transfer universities....(more)


7 Most Surprising Celebrity Educations

Known most for her roles in "Beaches," "Blossom" and "Big Bang Theory," Mayim Bialik earned undergraduate degrees in neuroscience, Hebrew and Jewish studies, as well as a Ph.D. in neuroscience from UCLA....(more)

How to Double Major

Double majors are appealing because students can pursue multiple fields of study. Some colleges make it easy for students to major in two subjects at a time, but others do not. It is wise to evaluate how a double major will affect course selection and time needed to graduate. ...(more)

Alternative Education: Getting Your Doctorate With Online PhD Degree Programs

If you want to earn a Ph.D. degree, you need to put in a great deal of work. Online programs are a terrific option if you do not have much flexibility in your schedule. With an online program, you give yourself the opportunity to advance your education while working or raising a family....(more)


NCAA Eligibility Requirements: Meeting Standards For College Athletics

Competing in collegiate athletics takes talent, but it also requires students to meet eligibility requirements set by the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA). High school students considering the opportunity of college-level sports will need to demonstrate their qualifications to meet eligibility standards. In addition, students currently competing in NCAA sports must meet specific requirements to maintain their eligibility....(more)

Participating in College Athletics: The Differences Among Division I, II, and III Schools

High school students interested in participating in intercollegiate athletics during college should become familiar with the National College Athletics Association (NCAA) and the differences among its three divisions. Potential college athletes will find high-quality academic and athletic programs at schools in Division I, II, and III; but the divisions have different policies regarding competition, athletic offerings, and scholarships....(more)

Red River Rivalry: History of the Texas-Oklahoma Football Game

One of the fiercest games in all of college football is the one between the University of Texas and Oklahoma University. The Longhorns and Sooners have been meeting for over a century in a match-up known as the Red River Rivalry. It is named for the Red River that divides the borders between the two states....(more)

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